RealSim Games was set up in 2011 to commercialise the initial R&D carried out by RealSim (specialists in 3D Virtual Worlds) in creating 3D environments for smartphones. RealSim Games have produced the worlds first full 3D GPS guided ancient world environment app for a mobile device, ‘Clonmacnoise’. The app is currently available to download on the app store. An Android version will be released next year and a PC playable version before the end of 2012. Other historical environments are currently being worked on, but if you own or manage an historical site and would like to bring your history back to life then please feel free to drop us a line.


RealSim Games is comprised of a small but very skilled team of dedicated professionals.

Gavin Duffy – Managing Director

Gavin has a background in geophysics and spent 10 years in industry and academia, working in Canada, Spain, Australia and Ireland. It was while researching how to extract 3-dimensional information from photography that he discovered the potential of gaming technology for real world 3D simulations. In 2008 he set up RealSim Limited, to offer novel 3D simulation solutions to a variety of sectors including urban planning, marine simulation and historical environment reconstruction. In 2009 RealSim began R&D to port their skills to mobile platforms and in 2011 set up RealSim Games with Peter Brennan to commercialise their work in 3D mobile applications and games.

Dr. Peter Brennan – Director

Dr. Peter Brennan is Managing Director of EPS Consulting; a public affairs and public policy consultancy that has completed over 350 projects over the past ten years for Government, the Oireachtas, State Agencies, Local Government, the European Commission, business and trade associations and private clients. He was President of Dublin Chamber in 2010 and is a Fellow of the Irish Management Consultants Association. He has a unique mix of public and private sector experience at both national and international level over a 40 year period. Positions held include: Principal Officer with the Departments of Industry and Commerce and Foreign Affairs, a Director of IBEC and Managing Director of A&L Goodbody Consulting.

Dr. Paul Smith – Senior Game Developer and Technical Officer

Paul is passionate about gaming, 2D and 3D. When he’s not deep in Flash Action Script and Unity3D programming in C# or javascript he’s playing games on his PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, NDS, Android or iPad. He holds a PhD from NUI Galway on Virtual Environments, Neural networks, interaction and computer graphics and has more than 7 years experience in programming (C, C++, C#, Javascript, Python) for interactive computer graphics. He has also worked on the development of a massively multiplayer online strategy game “Dark-Wind” and a number of other IOS and Android titles with Dr. Sam Redfern.

Eoghan Quigley – Chief 3D Graphic Designer

Former Bafta award nominee, Eoghan, has over 10 years experience in the animation and games development industry. He joined RealSim in 2008, and has been the main 3D graphic designer and content creator for RealSim Games first 3D Ancient World app, The Lost City of Clonmacnoise. He was also the main 3D modeler for the 3 historical sites reconstructed for RTE's much acclaimed documentary, Secrets of the Stones.

Dr. Sam Redfern – Games Development Advisor

Sam has worked as a programming and graphics lecturer in Information Technology in NUI Galway since 1996, and has been developing games for the past 30 years. He has published his academic work in international journals, conferences, and books on topics which include digital image processing, various types of artificial intelligence, graphics, and the application of games technologies to eCollaboration. His more recent games currently on the market include:

  • 'Darkwind: War on Wheels', a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game published on the Internet. Darkwind was recently judged to be one of the top 10 games of 2011 by Games Brief.
  • 'Block Rockin' and 'Mars Defender' games published on the Android and iPhone app stores. Mars Defender is a top 100 ranked game in the world-wide 'New Arcade & Action' games segment of the Android Market, and also achieved top-100 rankings in a number of the regional iPad app stores under the 'Roleplaying Games' category.

James Peyton - Computer graphics developer

James developed his first 2D app ‘Visit Galway’ for his final year degree project. He has since been learning the fine art of 3D modelling and we are looking forward to show casing his first 3D app in the not too distant future. He is also a talented guitar player and is one half of the musical duo ‘Shape of a Sandwich’.

Robyn Mason - Archaeological Researcher

Robyn has worked as an archeologist and excavated and researched archaeological sites in Belize, Guatemala, Cambodia, Thailand, the UK and Ireland. Her research focused on the interaction between people and place, the conflicts which arise and how the governing bodies within the heritage sector engage with this process. She holds a Ba in Archaeology and an MA in Public Archaeology from University College London and an MA in Landscape Archaeology from NUI, Galway.

Colin Smith - Game Developer

Colin's love affair with computer gaming dates back to the 80s. He holds a first class Masters in Computing from GMIT. Colin has a number of years experience in the use of a broad array of standard and Object Oriented programming languages. As part of the research portion of his M.Sc. Colin wrote a research paper titled "An evaluation of a modified PseudoThread algorithm for concurrency handling in the ActionScript 3.0 programming language.". In this paper he conducted an investigation into a number of algorithms that present a possible solution to the non-concurrency of the ActionScript 3.0 programming language and evaluated these algorithms in comparison to the equivalent concurrent approach used in the Java programming language.

Daniel Heffernan - iPhone app developer

Daniel is a skilled and experienced developer of apps for the iPhone and works for RealSim Games as part-time consultant. He has worked closely with Eoghan Quigley (RealSim) in developing the very first geo-referenced interactive 3D ancient environment iPhone app, the ‘Lost City of Clonmacnoise’. Daniels impressive CV includes 5 Presidents Letters of Commendation during his four years at University Limerick, IBM Open Source Competition winner for his final year degree project, and held the number one ‘paid app’ position in the Irish App Store continuously for 40 days for his app ‘dessid’. Daniel was awarded a MEXT scholarship by the Japanese government and is currently a research student in Tokyo university.