Online Games

RealSim Games are currently focused on building quality educational 3D ancient city apps. However we are quickly building up an impressive 3D virtual city (past and present) database. In partnership with sister company, RealSim, we plan on creating some quality games from our virtual cities. We will be posting a link to some of our online virtual world environments soon so please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get notification.

RealSim Games are currently building a marine resource management game, on foot of funding from Infomar. The game is being developed in collaboration with Marine experts in NUI Galway and the Marine Institute.

3D Games

Our sister company, RealSim has built one of the largest and most detailed 3D models of any Irish city, Galway 3D.

We aim to build a high octane game based on the streets of Galway in the latter part of 2012

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